Dragon Age Addiction

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Random

Days go by

I’ve been stuck in Dragon’s Age Origins for the past few days. It’s so not fair. I swear, I’d quit, if only people didn’t give me such a damn good reason to keep playing.

Like people who keep me waiting. So I end up waiting till 1 or 3am in the morning, only to find out that they’ve gone to bed. So all I’ve essentially done is levelled up and done dungeon grinding, instead of what I really wanted to do. Arg. Some people make me into the anti-social gamer that I am!

Now it’s 10am, and my brain hurts, and I couldn’t really sleep. I don’t know which character to romance. I do like Zevran, I did that romance last time I played because he was a perfect match for my character then. Now? Maybe Alistair or Lelianna? Or all three?

I would be spending more time on my real life romance, if that character happened to be the kind to tell me when they’re ready to go to sleep, so I didn’t spend all night awake waiting for them. I guess there is an upside to computer program love. It’s always there to activate. I’ve definately noticed an upsurge in the number of romantic subquests in games. Is that because more women are playing? Or is it just a general trend of loneliness in the culture? Either way, I wish I remembered how to activate the threesome subquest in Dragon Age. That’d be a hell of an achievement to have on my profile, along with dragonslayer and hero. (My real life achievement board is much more boring with stuff like “graduated with pysch and history” and “dropped knife in leg like idiot”)

You know, I would post pictures, but I think I might just send you to a blog that has pictures and a bio.  http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2009/10/04/dragon-age-origins-characters-list.htm

I’m feeling lazy. I have to get my screencaps somewhere too. Of my new character for the game. Still an Arcane Warrior.

  1. Mo says:

    I’ve already pre-purchased Dragon Age 2 on Steam! March 8th, here we come! 😀

  2. Manic Sniper says:

    Hooray. By the time I’m done Origins and Awakening, I’ll be able to buy DA2 on special. What’s your fave thing about Dragon Age?

    • Mo says:

      For me my favourite thing is probably the in-depth world and storyline. The whole thing seems quite believable (aside from the fantasy creatures and magic of course).

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