Star Trek not online

Posted: February 6, 2011 in General Maiming, Random

Star Trekkin’, across the gaming-verse

I once thought, after viewing the preview, that Star Trek online might be a possibility. I mean, it’s my sort of genre. And LOTRO really sucked because of being an MMO, if it were a FPS type, or even a 3rdPS, I could stand it. But too much people, and too much online dumbing down, ruined it. But would a Trek story hold up better, with a larger scale, to the personality intrusion of players? I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t want to spend any money on it.

I dressed up at Halloween as a science officer, TOS, and as I was waitressing I was besieged by questions and comments and jokes.  It really made me think about how Enterprise ruined Star Trek for me, how becoming a worldwide success ruined the cult classic style, and damaged canon.  I think I want to go back to basics. I think I’d even sink so low as to Larp Star Trek. But I’d prefer to do a good pen and paper RPG. I had the manual somewhere. When I sold my technical manuals and 3 boxes of paperbacks, I had to keep some of it. And my action figures. And my signed Riker picture (sigh).

If anyone would be interested in helping me achieve my dream of playing Star Trek without the online, that would be awesome. I’ve done RPGs of LOTR, but never Star Trek.

So  send me a comment, all you clever trekkies out there, and let’s prove that the dream is still alive, that Kirk is the captain’s captain, and that the needs of the few, or the one, can sometimes be greater than the needs of the many. Especially in gaming.


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