All About Me

I am Manic Multi Mel,

the Manic Sniper.

I’ve been gaming since I first got windows 3.1 and tried out the shareware game Castle of the Winds.

I spent most of my life playing a hyper customized 4 gig version of UT 2000 on my old Windows ME machine, called Holly after the computer in the TV series Red Dwarf.

My second machine was a Dell powerhouse, called Ripley, after Aliens. The dell was a stupid clamshell case, and long story short, it melted. Entire front melted.

My current machine is called The Beast. Made for me by a friend, who I also game with. It’s lasted for over 4 years, with the only upgrade being in memory and hard drives. Nice eh? Armor case, with the big fans. Love that case, runs soooo coool.

Nowadays I don’t have the fastest computer, but it’s still damn stable, and I can run most games. I refuse to go to Windows 7, I’ve tried it and it really sucks. So I’m on XP, and most new games have higher direct X, and all that, but to me, XP is the only way to get the most out of a machine. 26 processes or less, whoo!

I game on Steam sometimes. Mostly I just love their deals.

I live in a village in Canada.

I collect swords and knives, and do enjoy dressing up for cosplay type pictures, although I don’t do as much of that anymore.