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Star Trek not online

Posted: February 6, 2011 in General Maiming, Random

Star Trekkin’, across the gaming-verse

I once thought, after viewing the preview, that Star Trek online might be a possibility. I mean, it’s my sort of genre. And LOTRO really sucked because of being an MMO, if it were a FPS type, or even a 3rdPS, I could stand it. But too much people, and too much online dumbing down, ruined it. But would a Trek story hold up better, with a larger scale, to the personality intrusion of players? I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t want to spend any money on it.

I dressed up at Halloween as a science officer, TOS, and as I was waitressing I was besieged by questions and comments and jokes.  It really made me think about how Enterprise ruined Star Trek for me, how becoming a worldwide success ruined the cult classic style, and damaged canon.  I think I want to go back to basics. I think I’d even sink so low as to Larp Star Trek. But I’d prefer to do a good pen and paper RPG. I had the manual somewhere. When I sold my technical manuals and 3 boxes of paperbacks, I had to keep some of it. And my action figures. And my signed Riker picture (sigh).

If anyone would be interested in helping me achieve my dream of playing Star Trek without the online, that would be awesome. I’ve done RPGs of LOTR, but never Star Trek.

So  send me a comment, all you clever trekkies out there, and let’s prove that the dream is still alive, that Kirk is the captain’s captain, and that the needs of the few, or the one, can sometimes be greater than the needs of the many. Especially in gaming.


Introducing Catharine

A young mage with ideals and dreams. And an utter pushover goodie person who makes up for it by being extremely convincing. Adept at healing potions. In future, probably going to be good friends with Wynne.  Has a mabari hound called Sharktooth, that she only kept because Alistair thought it was cute. Although goddamn, it has turned into an effective fighter. She began lying when she left the Mages Circle with a very nice staff that she refused to admit she had. Further emboldened, she persuaded bandits to leave her alone, merchants to give her gifts, and stupid elves and werewolves to reach a compromise.

Now, she’s just met and recruited Zevran. What will happen next? Will she travel to Redcliff? Finally sleep with someone? Love that elven legacy armor.

Showers of Blood

The Story of Seren

Seren was the first character I created in Dragon Age. It was my first playthrough, and I spent a lot of skill points on useless things, never learned how to be a herbalist, and all sorts of mistakes. But she was very cool anyway. The only cool mage to wear a hat, or so I thought.
If I were to give her bio, I would say that she always wanted to be a bloodmage, but due to her unrequited love for Alistair, never got trained. So she just used Walking Bomb to explode people, and satisfied her evil needs that way. When she finally met Zevran, everything became clear, and she was free to pursue the path she wanted, but it was too late to be a blood mage anyways. Not even Jowan would teach her.

Together, she and her friends tried to save the land from the blight. They made it to the Landsmeet, when disaster struck in the form of a bluescreen. Alas, it wouldn’t be until the new Kingston Ram arrived that the game could be played, and then, the backups had been lost. So forever stuck in limbo, is Seren. At least until I find some sort of backup.
Behold, my first character
She was a good mage, a good friend, and really good at blowing shit up.

So right now, I’m spending a lot of time working at Dragon Age. Like, as in, it’s level grinding to get to use the new armor and weapons I’m picking up. It seems like I end up taking forever, not wanting to progress on the plot until I have the right equipment and relationships, and just killing bandits and werewolves.
Life’s like that. I’m waiting to get my motorcycle, working on my skills and trying to level up (ie actually do my physio stuff and try to heal) without any adventuring or plot.
If we were to continue the metaphor, where would mages stand? As computer nerds, I state proudly. Of course, that’s just my preference. Although if I were to guess, I’d actually think my computer nerd boyfriend is closer to a rogue than mage class.
When I was a kid, I used to always be the warrior protecting a mage. That was my role in the make-believe. I can’t remember when I first left behind the Paladin class, but it might have had something to do with Raistlin from Dragonlance. God, what a sexy mage. And voiced by Kiefer Sutherland in the movie too.
I wonder if everyone else was wooed by mages. Is that why there are so many mage based games now?

No Sex for the Wicked

Posted: February 4, 2011 in General Maiming, Random

No SEX?!?!

After romancing all the characters in DA at once!

Because, really, the only reason I’m playing is for the romantic storyline. I’ve finally gotten Alistair to like me, really like me. He even gave me a rose, how sweet. 

And Leilana too, is ready and I would have thought willing.

Zevran thinks I’m cute, but he thinks that about everyone else.

Honestly, the only person I haven’t bothered with is Morrigan. The chick pictured below. Not my style. Still, I’m getting so desparate here, I’m about ready to try anything to push the ‘plot’ forward into action. And no, I don’t have screencaps of my own, because they won’t goddamn give me anything worth screencapping!!!

Okay, here’s a picture of my character.

Here is my bioware social network plot point thingy

It’s really embarrassing to keep on mistaking flirting for sex in the game. Not just because I’ve got an audience of people watching me play, but also because it further proves the idea that gamers, or people who describe themselves as nerds, are socially inept. I’m not socially inept!

Er, what sort of quest would I describe my own relationship as…

Stage 1- You see an NPC with a talky symbol.  You go talk to them, and learn that they are brilliant and single.

Stage 2- Sidequest. Proving that you are not gay, and that you do want to date the NPC.

Stage 3- The awkward initiation.  Drink lots of Jack Daniels rapidly. With courage, throw self at NPC. If unsuccessful, repeat until cutscene of epic bad cliche lines and stuttering plays featuring you and the NPC.

Stage 4- Collect Accomplishment of ‘getting your man’, and gain 5 points in the ‘not a loser’ field. Lose all bonuses to DnD and the ability to complain about sitcoms being unrealistic.

What makes us gamers

Posted: January 30, 2011 in General Maiming

Anger Management Issues

You may think that I like to blow shit up, and murder bots and camp and snipe, just because I have some sort of psychotic rage issue I need to address.

Today, you’d be right. I need to run Unreal Tournament, put a map on called FIAB, or fish in a barrel, where there is a single instagib rifle in the center of a lake, and I go up there and shoot everything that moves. A bot named after the boyfriend, an slurry of ex-friends, bots for teachers and family, all explode in a shower of bloody rain before me.

This is theraputic, because it expels the rage I feel at being helpless, powerless, and used. I’d never wish harm to any of these people, hell, I can’t even bring myself into a confrontational situation most of the time, but somehow my soul is soothed, and they never know, and we’re all better off.

It’s not about acting out on these frustrations, it’s about acknowledging them in such a way that is least harmful. I could go into detail about the games I played when my mom died, and I was all alone and not happy about it, but that’s another post.

Saints Row 2 Gameplay for fun

Posted: January 28, 2011 in General Maiming

My Youtube Video

It has taken hours, but I managed to upload a video to youtube. Now let’s see if they take it down like they did the last eight. Sheesh. Anyhow, enjoy some in game video. Wish I had cowboy boots like that. Hell, I’d be lucky if my hair managed to stay in place.