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Showers of Blood

The Story of Seren

Seren was the first character I created in Dragon Age. It was my first playthrough, and I spent a lot of skill points on useless things, never learned how to be a herbalist, and all sorts of mistakes. But she was very cool anyway. The only cool mage to wear a hat, or so I thought.
If I were to give her bio, I would say that she always wanted to be a bloodmage, but due to her unrequited love for Alistair, never got trained. So she just used Walking Bomb to explode people, and satisfied her evil needs that way. When she finally met Zevran, everything became clear, and she was free to pursue the path she wanted, but it was too late to be a blood mage anyways. Not even Jowan would teach her.

Together, she and her friends tried to save the land from the blight. They made it to the Landsmeet, when disaster struck in the form of a bluescreen. Alas, it wouldn’t be until the new Kingston Ram arrived that the game could be played, and then, the backups had been lost. So forever stuck in limbo, is Seren. At least until I find some sort of backup.
Behold, my first character
She was a good mage, a good friend, and really good at blowing shit up.